Biogas mixers

Lind Jensen mixer type OMPG

Powerful mixer, designed specifically for media with high dry matter content. Many different mounting options, depending on the field of application.

Can be supplied at 60 Hz and ATEX approved.

For use in the mixer tank, there is a version of the OMPG mixer available that is built within a special mixer housing. It is designed so that all types of biomass are forced to pass the mixer. You can achieve an effective mixing of up to 200 tonnes of corn and grass silage per day with this compulsory mixer


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Motors from 1.1 to 18.5 kW

Self-cleaning 2-blade propeller made from acid-proof steel

Planetary gear that ensures powerful transmission

Rotation speeds from 222 – 350 rpm.

Peripheral speed of 6.3 – 13.2 m/sec

Mechanical seals in an oil bath, leakage sensor and bimetallic sensors.

Service intervals from 1-3 years