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Lind Jensen Hydraulics has 50 years of experience of manufacturing and marketing high quality hydraulic cylinders and is Denmark’s leading manufacturer of hydraulic cylinders. The majority of our production is special cylinders manufactured in collaboration with the customer.

High quality
hydraulic cylinders

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Our business model is tailored for both customers operating locally and those who operate on a global basis. With offices in three continents and our own planning and design department, we are able to provide a high, consistent quality to exactly the same specifications and standards, regardless of where in the world our hydraulic cylinders are made.

We plan our production so that it matches a customers need. Which is why an ongoing dialog with our customers is an important part of our working day. In order to avoid long waiting times and extended delivery times, we offer, among other things, to hold stock by agreement at the site that best suits the customer location.

At Lind Jensen, the production of hydraulic cylinders always has a thorough quality test according to our ISO 9001 and ISO 3834 standards – including operational life. Our quality assurance is constantly under development, so we can always accommodate our customers’ requirements for quality and safety, then provide the necessary documentation for the optimal use of techniques, processes and materials.

If you need a supplier who is large enough to accommodate your wishes at all levels, offering a fast, efficient, global service before, during and after delivery, then Lind Jensen Hydraulics is the right choice.


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