Effective oxygenation of lakes and watercourses

The BioReco is a machine that reoxygenates the water, using little energy. This process is a very effective way to improve the water quality in a nutrient-rich lake. BioReco creates good biological conditions in lakes and watercourses.

BioReco produces microscopic oxygen bubbles which do not rise to the surface, but slowly diffuse into the surrounding water.

The oxygen falls from the surface to the bottom, through metalimnions, and can be measured up to 100 meters from the machine.

If a lake has a layer of sludge at the bottom the oxygen from the BioReco will have a great impact on the composting of this layer. As the composting process proceeds, more and more oxygen will be available for organisms and animals, and these will start the putrefaction of algae and other vegetation. In this way the bottom of the lake will be provided with more light, and this will improve conditions so that the bottom vegetation can develop positively.

For lakes with malodorous sludge, algae, or lack of light penetration, the BioReco 300 can be a good alternative to solve the problems.

For watercourses, cleaning systems, process water etc. which require aeration of water, the BioReco 300 will be a good solution as it is appropriate for many systems and processes


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Technical information

Motor specifications acc. to. EN60034

Submerged 230V motor and power-controlled motor protection switch.

Motor safety: IP 58 after IEC 34-5

Surrounding temperature max. 400 C.

Leakage control

All outer metal parts in stainless, acid-proof steel

Insulation class: F

2 mechanical shaft seals and oil chamber

20-meter cable or as required

Programmable digital timer


Optimize your fish farming with BioReco

BioReco creates optimal conditions for growth and living

Fish farming requires good conditions for eggs and fry.

Feeding fry requires a high oxygen content in the water supply. The BioReco can infuse the water with oxygen from micro bubbles in order to optimally feed the fry.


Restore the biological cycle in lakes and ponds with BioReco

Biological recovery of lakes and watercourses through effective oxygenation of water

BioReco can be a tool for restoring a lakes balance, where there is mud at the bottom and large algae occurrence.

BioReco can help restore the natural balance of the lake and prevent oxygen depletion and death of fish.