Social responsibility

Secure and sustainable society and environment

The global market today is characterised by a succession of new demands and ever-increasing challenges. However, focus on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) helps to ensure that we can hand over a financially healthy and robust enterprise to the next generation in a secure and sustainable society and environment.

Loyalty, trust and respect

Collaboration within the enterprise must be based on loyalty, trust and respect.

At LJM - Lind Jensen we have described the ethical guidelines that will underpin our vision and our values and act as a tool to influence behaviour and culture in the enterprise/group. These ethical guidelines act as a guide to attitudes and actions.

In order to ensure a strong working environment, we have formalised policies and activities carried out within the area of working environment and safety.

Lind Jensen – Quality at the core

Lind Jensens Maskinfabrik A/S is a manufacturing company with product areas of Wind, Hydraulics, Agriculture, Wastewater and Biogas that are aimed at different markets, both nationally and internationally.

With more than 50 years’ experience and extensive knowhow, LJM manufactures and markets products of high quality and with long operational life. Quality is at the core of the success that LJM has achieved over the years.

Long-standing collaboration with our customers has confirmed that these business
principles are much appreciated by our customers.

LJM exhibits controlled growth, and, as such, the enterprise is very well consolidated and has
proudly held an AAA Credit Rating for many years.

ISO 9001

LJM is ISO 9001 certified and works with LEAN principles in our production of quality products in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

For further optimisation, relevant employees are trained in Six Sigma principles, the objective of which is to achieve error-free sales, production and delivery.

LJM makes it a point of honour to be a flexible supplier that delivers the right products at the right price and with short delivery times.


years of experience and
extensive knowledge


in Denmark, + sales and production
facilities in Ningbo, China and a warehouse
facility in Colorado, USA.


employees , divided into own production facilities in Denmark, China and the USA.

Global supplier with local presence

LJM takes great pride in being a flexible supplier, delivering the right products, at the right price and with a short delivery time. Therefore, fast and efficient service – before, during and after delivery – is crucial for LJM. Many years of working closely with our customers confirms that these business principles are greatly appreciated by those who purchase our products.