Privacy policy

Protection of personal data

By using LIND JENSEN´s website you consent to LIND JENSEN´s collection and use of your information as specified in the policy below. LIND JENSEN reserves the unilateral right to update, remodel and change its policy on protection of personal data. All such updates, remodelling and changes are binding on all users of the LIND JENSEN website and they will be announced on the website.

LIND JENSEN collects and registers personally identifiable information only, including name, title, firm, address, e-mail address, phone numbers etc., when a visitor to LIND JENSEN´s website logs on to become a registered user. LIND JENSEN does not require this information to give you access to those parts of the website which are generally accessible to the public.

When you log on to LIND JENSEN´s website, the LIND JENSEN server will deposit a small text file on your hard disk – a cookie. Your particular cookie tells LIND JENSEN that it is you every time you log on to LIND JENSEN´s website. LIND JENSEN will thus be able to recall where on the website you last were, and what, if anything, is in your shopping basket. It is important to emphasise that cookies are reliable. They cannot be used as code or to transfer viruses, and personal information is not collected from them or saved in them. LIND JENSEN usually uses cookies for the following functions: 1) to gain access to your user data (which we save on our servers) to enable us to provide you a customised and personal service; 2) to be able to establish the effectiveness of our initiatives in connection with e-commerce; and 3) to help LIND JENSEN to follow the products in your shopping basket. You also have a choice regarding cookies. Changing your browser setting can enable you to accept all cookies, be informed when a cookie is deposited, or refuse all cookies. If you choose to refuse all cookies, you risk not being able to use the service or take part in the activities on LIND JENSEN´s website.