Hydraulic cylinders
for industry

Lind Jensen Hydraulic has extensive experience in the development, manufacture and delivery of hydraulic cylinders for a wide range of industries. The food and chemical industry are often high speed, and preferably manufactured in stainless steel or other corrosion-resistant material. For the car, iron and metal industries, or the timber industry, there are often high end technical requirements for a clean environment, high frequency cycles, extremely accurate positioning, or even very high pressure. Our knowledge and experience covers all market sectors.

Extensive experience in the manufacturing of hydraulic cylinders for industry

Hydraulic cylinder specially designed to be able to work under high pressure, high frequencies and high temperatures

Custom designed hydraulic cylinders and a large product range of standard cylinders

Many years of experience and know-how

Customised solutions

Our cylinders are often incorporated into equipment with custom built-in dimensions. To assist in ensuring that the built-in dimensions are correct, we often supply 3D cylinder drawings for a customised solution. A solution that is both time saving and gives assurance for the optimisation of the entire development process.

Deliver on-time
Both in connection with renovation and a new installation of production lines, often a production stoppage is a significant cost. That is why just-in-time delivery of quality cylinders is a must. A must that results in Lind Jensen often being chosen as the industry’s preferred partner.

Our hydraulic cylinders can be used in many different kinds of industrial machinery and setups

Sludge pumps

Recycling plants

Hydraulic presses

Sheet processing machinery

Shut-off valves for power plants or industry

Pressure die casting

Wood processing machinery (for example, glue presses, sawmill technology)

Hydraulic drive systems

Lock and lift functions of different sorts


Preferred supplier to
the mobile industry


Safety, stability and
global distribution


Hydraulic cylinders
for industry

wind energy

On and offshore
Wind Turbines

Global supplier with local presence

LJM takes great pride in being a flexible supplier, delivering the right products, at the right price and with a short delivery time. Therefore, fast and efficient service – before, during and after delivery – is crucial for LJM. Many years of working closely with our customers confirms that these business principles are greatly appreciated by those who purchase our products.