Slurry agitators

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slurry agitators for the homogenisation of slurry in reception tanks and storage tanks

Lind Jensen has a complete product range of slurry agitators for the homogenisation of slurry in reception tanks and storage tanks.

Our slurry agitators are either direct-driven or fitted with planetary gear. It ensures maximum power output in relation to energy consumption.

Slurry agitators are fitted with specially designed 2-bladed propellers, which are able to move large amounts of slurry and shaped so bedding, feed residues and similar do not sit on the blades.

The slurry agitators have a wide choice of mounting brackets for all types of containers. The brackets are designed for years of daily use and are made from hot-galvanized or stainless, acid-proof steel.

Handling equipment is always designed so that the day-to-day operation and servicing are simplified as far as possible.

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This applies to all Lind Jensen slurry agitators

High quality and high performance

Unique all-welded propeller design

Heavy-duty moulded construction

Low energy consumption

Efficient power transmission

Genuine spare parts at reasonable prices

Long operational life and long service intervals mean low operating costs

Unique, self-cleaning propeller design with high efficiency

Built on more than 50 years of experience with handling liquid manure

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