Slurry agitators for storage tanks

An agitator for any task

Regardless of the size of your storage tank and the nature of the slurry, Lind Jensen offers a slurry agitator that can cope with the task. All our larger slurry agitators are fitted with planetary gear and a hydro-dynamic propeller that makes the mixing process problem-free, even in the largest tanks and slurry with high dry matter content.

Agitators are available in sizes from 2.2 to 18.5 kW.

There is a wide variety of mounting brackets for both types, made of either acid-proof, stainless or hot-galvanized steel. The brackets are designed for years of daily operation and made in order to facilitate the day-to-day operation, as well as the servicing of the agitators.

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Self-cleaning propeller in stainless steel or coated steel

Planetgear, ensuring powerful transmission

Mechanical seals in oil bath, leakage sensor, and bimetal sensors

ATEX approved up to 18.5 kW