Slurry pumps

Wide product range within submersible pumps and dry mounted pumps

Efficient slurry handling is a complex task on any agricultural farm with animal husbandry. The need for manual contact with the slurry is best kept to a minimum – cleaning of the barns/pigsties must be efficient and problem-free, and the often large amounts of slurry must be able to be moved from the barn/pigsty to the storage tank regardless of consistency.

Lind Jensen Agri manufactures and markets a wide range of submersible pumps and dry mounted pumps that effectively solves the farm’s need for pumping. Submersible pumps are flexible and movable and can be used in reception tanks in connection with channel mixing and in storage tanks – Yes, in short, everywhere where there is a need to move liquid.

There is a large variety of mounting and operating brackets, made from strong, hot-galvanized steel, and designed to make the day-to-day operation as quick and straightforward as possible. And as Lind Jensen Agri also deals with manure removal and mixing, the operation can often be automated and coordinated with the rest of the manure removal system.

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Our slurry pumps distinguish themselves with:

Built-in cutting system for the fine shredding of straw and feed residues

Built-in leakage and thermal control

Mechanical shaft seal

Minimal maintenance

Long service intervals

Can be mounted with a fixed foot or slide bracket as needed