Compulsory mixer

Lind Jensen Biogas compulsory mixer

For use in reception tanks where there is a need to intermix large amounts of dry matter, the Lind Jensen Biogas compulsory mixer is extremely effective.

The 160 V4 compulsory mixer is composed of a Lind Jensen OMPG mixer that is built into a rust-proof housing with a funnel-shaped suction section with a rectangular opening at the top. This shape creates a forced flow of all types of biomass through the compulsory mixer’s mixer tube, where the OMPG mixer is located.



Design for mounting in gas-tight applications

Automatic, motor-driven adjustment of the working height relative to the liquid level

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Lind Jensen compulsory mixer

Made in stainless steel

Two guide tubes ensure easy adjustment of the working height

Level adjustment via the waist

Cable run in rust-proof protective tube in the suction area

Cable with protective cover

Suction pressure of approx. 1.25 MWC with a thrust of 5000 N

Throughput of 1.75 m3 second

Greatly reduced mixing time