Dry mounted pumps

Lind Jensen dry mounted pumps

Where conditions lend themselves to it, a dry mounted pump is an economically beneficial and highly durable and reliable solution.


Lind Jensen Biogas’ wide selection of pumps, designed for dry mounting, are so flexible that we can always offer a pump that fits your needs.

The pumps are available with fully automatic control and operation can easily be adapted to the holding’s other equipment for efficient handling of biomass.

Mounting brackets and inlet/outlet pipes are made of stainless steel.

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Quality pumps with proven long-lasting durability

Minimal maintenance and long service intervals means low operating costs

Built-in thermal control

Built-in cutting plate that finely cuts up straw and shredder biomass

Effective – also for biomass with very dry matter

Many sizes – from 5.5 kW to 18.5 kW

User-friendly installation and control

Many references

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LJM takes great pride in being a flexible supplier, delivering the right products, at the right price and with a short delivery time. Therefore, fast and efficient service – before, during and after delivery – is crucial for LJM. Many years of working closely with our customers confirms that these business principles are greatly appreciated by those who purchase our products.