Manure removal systems for solid floors

Customised solutions for solid floors

Manure removal system for any barn with a solid floor

With its starting point in three different pulling systems and four different types of scrapers, Lind Jensen Agri can supply a 100% customised manure removal system for any barn with a solid floor.

Scrapers for solid floors:
As standard, Lind Jensen Agri offers four different types of scrapers. They are all made of heavy duty, hot-galvanized steel with very long durability. All wear parts are very easy to replace and the design ensures optimum cleanliness of the dung passage.
What type of scraper you chose, depends solely on the local conditions. We will gladly help to make the optimum choice.

For use on floors with a rubber coating, all scrapers can be supplied with PUR on the scraper blade and the outer wings.


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Pulling stations
At Lind Jensen Agri, you can choose between three different pulling systems, each of which represents a number of advantages in relation to barn size and structure.
All three systems can also be installed in existing barns.

Overall, we distinguish between pulling stations with a chain/wire and hydraulically powered pulling stations. Common to all is the very high durability and the extremely modest energy consumption. There is also a PLC control with built-in safety measures and a selection of options to customise the operation, so that it both suits you and your cows.

Lind Jensen Agri offers two different types of applicators for spreading solid manure at the manure heap site:
Press box for building up manure from below
Conveyor for building up manure from above.

Both applicators are made from very strong hot-galvanized steel. The construction is simple, durable and service-friendly with very few – easily accessible – wear parts.