Manure removal systems for over slats

Customised solutions over slats

All types of slatted floors can be fitted with a manure removal system from Lind Jensen Agri. The system can be operated with a wire and pulling station or hydraulically, and can be fitted on both new and existing slats.

Both types of manure removal systems are PLC controlled and have a built-in protective function against hoof injuries and the systems can be customized with slat widths up to 420 cm.

We have developed a unique scraper for use on slatted floors that can be used both for wire-drawn and hydraulic systems.
The scrapers are made of heavy-duty, hot-galvanized materials with replaceable rubber lips both up against the stall and against the slatted floor.


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Pulling stations:
You can choose between two different pulling systems for use on slatted floors, each of which represents a number of advantages in relation to barn size and structure.
All three systems can also be installed in existing barns.

Overall, we distinguish between pulling stations with a wire and hydraulically powered pulling stations. Common to all is the very high durability and the extremely modest energy consumption. There is also a PLC control with built-in safety measures and a selection of options to customise the operation, so that it both suits you and your cows.