Ejector aerators

Unique construction

We can offer you a unique construction with a Lind Jensen Ejector Aerator. The special construction mean that it can be placed directly on the bottom of your tank and ensure the most optimal aeration and cleanliness of the tank.
Lind Jensen Ejector Aerators are equipped with a fixed slide bracket for use on a standard mast.

The pumps are equipped with temperature and leakage control as standard.

Lind Jensen Ejector Aerators are supplied with:

- Fully automatic timer control
- Galvanized or stainless steel mounting bracket for all container types

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Powerful airflow

Lind Jensen Ejector Aerator’s 6″ ejector nozzle ensures a powerful airflow.

Various motor sizes to suit your needs

Lind Jensen Ejector Aerators are available with motor performances from 5.5 kW to 18.5 kW. This ensures you get the right solution for your needs.


Ejector aeration equipment is adapted to the wide variety of bracket solutions, which are already used on Lind Jensen’s other machine range. Aeration equipment can also be mounted on existing mixer brackets.


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